Turn to Russia!
9 March 2018
Third filter conversion in Germany for a cement kiln!
30 January 2019

March 2018 – Russia. RD42 got the order for a new filter for clinker cooler in Russia.

After the order got in January, RD42 made another hit in Russia. A complete cooling & dedusting plant for clinker cooler will be supplied, composed of cooling system for the exhaust air, bag filter (flow rate 230.000 m³/h), dust handling system and centrifugal fan, and another filter for the aspiration of the discharge points from cooler to the bucket tray conveyors.

The process is based on gas cooling via air quenching, with suction from the environment without forced ventilation, and filtration with fiberglass bags with PTFE membrane. It is the fourth realization of such kind on similar plants, the first one is in operation since 2013.