ESP new project
30 January 2019
New acquisition for RD42: Conversion of Electrostatic Precipitator to bag filter on a 2.200 tpd Cement Kiln/Raw Mill
3 April 2019

#6 units PLC S7 1200 + RD42_E1171 Peak Detector card installed in parallel – 1 per compartment- to replace an obsolete cleaning system. The existing in/out signals have been fully reused, to avoid whichever modification of the cables and the Software in the DCS. High level functions, such as a variable pause timer, allowed a reduction of the compress air consumption of 40%. The 12 compartiments are equipped with individual tribo-wired sensors+RD42 dust peak monitors, for the precise detection of broken bags. Many thanks to GlobalConcepts, supporting us in our idea of Customizable Flexible Standard, so helpful in case of revamping projects.