The key points of the design of our products are:

- Displacing most part of the critical work from the site to the workshop (welding, alignments, electrical and pneumatics)
- Reduction of the number of parts delivered for erection
- Focus on Functionality, Quality, Technology, Logistics

  • Bag filters
  • Llogic bag filter - from 10,000 m³/h, based on ISO freight containers (Patent PCT WO/2009/044265)
  • SL - SC bag filter - bag filter - (60,000 m³/h, no upper limit), built on large preassembled modules, for new installations or revamping
  • FB - Filter Box - (1.000 to 60.000 m³/h), flexible standard design, series FB-A, FB-S and FB-X, to meet the most demanding requirements for service or process
  • Electrostatic precipitators
    New construction,
    RevampingHV single/3-phases,
    low / high frequency technical update,
    optimization, extensions, fine tuning internal inspections under High Voltage. Original and improved spares from different brands
  • Gas cooling systems
    air/water quenchers, air/oil/water heat exchangers, conditioning towers
  • Gas purification – deSOx, deNOx, active carbon, scrubbers
  • Process equipment, cyclones, valves, gas mixers
  • Gas and dust handling
  • Heat-to-Energy / Heat-to compress air systems
  • Turn-key installations
    including piping, ductwork, mechanical and electrical erection, control
  • Activated Coal Filters with custom design