Our history begins in 2008, with the creation of RD42 Technologies, a consulting company dealing in the field of cement gas purification, born with the idea of gathering the best skills in the field of gas filtration and industrial flue gas treatment, incorporating the most modern technologies available. The interest generated by customers and the demand to be solid and reliable partners for innovative supplies on international markets led us to target our business to a new company in 2010, RD42 Engineering. The structure was conceived according to the principles of organizational simplicity, so as to overcome the idea of a traditional construction company, operating on the basis of the following principles:

  • Solid core expertise in skills, in historical memory, in strategic contacts with customers, strongly oriented to technology and development
  • Strong technical and commercial partnerships, for the development of production capacity and penetration into specific markets
  • A network of collaborators of proven experience in plant engineering, project management, process development & monitoring
  • A joint venture with qualified suppliers, to select the best components and the consolidation of complementary and innovative technologies

The growth of RD42 is made possible by the features of innovation, lightness, professional care that make it unique and attract, valorising, new skills and synergies.