30 December 2020


15 May 2020


  On May issue of WorldCement, our paper about Nuisance in cement plants. That’s just one of the successful business lines of RD42, thanks to innovative […]
15 May 2020


Remote Commissioning with augmented reality and smart glasses: ongoing at more than 2.000 km faraway from our Expert!    
17 March 2020


Following the Italian Government Acts due to Covi-19 emergency , RD42 Engineering is making all possible efforts to contain the spreading of contagions.  Working remotely, we […]
31 January 2020

RD42 in the world

31 January 2020

Clinker cooling – Handling the heat

  Don’t miss the article about the benefits of RD42 high temperature clinker cooler de-dusting on January issue of World Cement!
3 April 2019

New acquisition for RD42: Conversion of Electrostatic Precipitator to bag filter on a 2.200 tpd Cement Kiln/Raw Mill

After several projects of the same kind successfully completed, our experience on the different precipitators allows us to propose the best solution, customised to the integrate […]
15 March 2019

New Electronic Cleaning System + Dust Monitors on an existing 5200 bags Cement Kiln BagHouse

#6 units PLC S7 1200 + RD42_E1171 Peak Detector card installed in parallel – 1 per compartment- to replace an obsolete cleaning system. The existing in/out […]
30 January 2019

ESP new project

January 2019 – Eastern Europe. New project for Electrostatic Precipitator (flow rate 450.000 m³/h)
30 January 2019

Russia start-up! EAC Certificate and commissioning of filter for clinker cooler in Russia

January 2019 – Russia. Our first project in Russia (complete cooling & dedusting plant for clinker cooler) has been started up and it is now in […]
30 January 2019

Third filter conversion in Germany for a cement kiln!

August 2018 – Germany. Another electrostatic precipitator has been successfully converted into a fabric filter for a cement kiln in Germany, for a better performance and an […]
11 April 2018

Russia again!

March 2018 – Russia. RD42 got the order for a new filter for clinker cooler in Russia. After the order got in January, RD42 made another […]
9 March 2018

Turn to Russia!

January 2018 – Russia. RD42 got a new order for a filter conversion in a cement kiln in Russia. After several jobs like that in Eastern […]
9 March 2018

Erection accomplished in Germany!

February 2017 – Germany. The erection for the filter conversion for a cement kiln is complete!   An electrostatic precipitator (flow rate 750.000 m³/h) has been […]
9 November 2017

September 2017

August 17 – Deal signed, for the supply, within 2017, of a new gas treatment plant on a Maerz furnace in Italy, including bag filter, centrifugal […]
17 July 2017

July 2017

Got turn-key order for the conversion of electrofilter into fabric filter for a cement kiln in Germany (gas flow rate ~ 500.000 m³ / h). This […]
2 July 2017

June 2017

RD42 get the order for a series of filter units dedicated to lime dedusting in Northern Africa. Fabric filters will be manufactured according to high quality […]
30 April 2017

April 2017

Framework order acquired for the production of container-based modular fabric filters dedicated to cement grinding. The first series is based on a single column of overlaid […]
31 March 2017

March 2017

Successful order for spare parts supply & erection supervision for electrostatic precipitators in steelworks. The supply requires absolute consistency of dimension and materials to the original […]