Research & Development are inside the DNA of RD42.

Thanks to the experience of our Engineers, since its foundation RD42 has contributed to the evolution of Bag Filters and related process.

Some examples:

  • Llogic Bag Filters series, high performance, 100% modular: The fastest way from design to start up. Completely containerized to simplify transportation and erection.
  • FB series Bag Filter, realized on CFD design, studied to maximize gas distribution, minimize pressure loss and to minimize delivery cost.
  • DNS Bags cleaning system (Double Nozzle System), able to guarantee a compressed air consumption up to 50% compared to traditional Bag Filters.
  • New components for Bag Filters: semi-immersed cleaning tank for a better acid corrosion resistance.
  • New design for the filter top, with double roof technology for a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, especially intended for acid rich gas treatment.
  • Air dilution gas cooling system for off gas coming from cement grid, without heat exchanger for CAPEX and OPEX reduction